HCA Staff

Luca Cassano
Civic Engagement Coordinator

Luca is filling a new role with HCA, with support from the Boston LISC AmeriCorps program. He brings outreach experience from his social justice fundraising work for nonprofits including Amnesty International. Luca is passionate about doing non-profit oriented work that focuses on helping local communities through engagement and addressing issues such as affordable housing. By helping people become more involved with local events and initiatives, Luca works to give members of HCA a larger feeling of community and opportunity in contributing to the decision-making process. He has a bachelor’s degree in political science from UMass Amherst where he also worked as a radio DJ for the local student-run radio station.

Contact Luca: 781-859-5294 ext 2

Email: LCassano@housingcorparlington.org

Renea Duran
Social Service Coordinator

Renea brings over 25 years of experience in Resident Services Management and Affordable Housing Asset Management throughout greater Boston. She has a strong commitment to serving disadvantaged adults’ needs, including homeless, emancipated youth, and special-needs populations.

She has overcome challenges of constraints to design high-quality, cost-effective, and comprehensive service offerings, always ensuring families served are treated with dignity and respect.

Renea has received several awards in her career, including the City of Boston Appreciation awards and the 2009 City of Boston Crimefighter of the Year Award. She is currently pursuing a Master of Social Work degree.

Contact Renea: 781-859-5294, extension 7

Email: rduran@housingcorparlington.org

Paul Jean, Sr.
Social Service Coordinator

Paul brings an extensive background of 26+ years in the Human Services field. Paul has a passionate devotion to providing case management services for children, adolescents, adults and elderly populations coping with lack of support systems, employment barriers, history of homelessness and other challenges that impede everyday life.

Paul has also developed initiatives to assist individuals experiencing challenges with job development that include skills training (hard and soft skills), career coaching, and job placement. He has worked in collaboration with publicly and privately funded agencies that cover various regions of the state including Metro-Boston, Cambridge and both the Southeast and Northeast communities.

Contact Paul: 781-859-5294, extension 9

Email: pjean@housingcorparlington.org

Ellen Roscoe-Bergman
Office Manager

Ellen joined HCA in 2021 as a temporary employee in order to support key internal projects, but was soon hired full time to support a wide range of internal organizational needs, including administration around HCA’s Community Investment Tax Credit donations. Ellen brings skills built from her wide ranging career, including positions as a residential relocation coordinator and database administrator.

Contact Ellen: 781-859-5294, extension 5

Email: eroscoebergman@housingcorparlington.org

Erica Schwarz
Executive Director

Erica brings expertise in affordable housing development and policy, community organizing and engagement, fundraising, and nonprofit management and organizational development. Prior to joining HCA, Erica served as Project Director at the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority (CRA), advancing a set of mission-driven real estate projects and facilitating related community input. Erica has also served as the Executive Director of Southwest Boston Community Development Corporation, Program Officer of LISC-Connecticut, and Community Organizer and Executive Director of WATCH Community Development Corporation in Waltham.

Erica holds a Master’s Degree in Arts in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning from Tufts University and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership from Boston University.  In her spare time she enjoys dancing, gardening, and cycling.

Contact Erica: 781-859-5294, extension 1

Email: eschwarz@housingcorparlington.org

HCA also benefits from consulting support on our real estate developments and with financial management.