Academy Development Partners

HCA is rooted in Arlington, but the housing crisis does not know town or city boundaries. Many of our neighboring communities do not have a local nonprofit serving their community by advancing housing affordability. That’s where Academy Development Partners (ADP) can come in.

ADP is an entity owned by HCA. We formed ADP in 2011 in response to surrounding communities who asked HCA to help them develop strategies to create affordable housing in their own neighborhoods. These requests are a testament to HCA’s ability to create and maintain high-quality affordable homes for families and individuals, and to help build a community that supports housing affordability.

ADP can work with other non-profits, housing authorities and municipalities, to find regional affordable housing solutions.

To learn more about ADP or to discuss developing affordable housing in your community, please contact Erica Schwarz, Executive Director, at 781-859-5294 ext 1.