Dorothy Road ADU

HCA is developing a modular, all electric, Passive House certified affordable home!

[These drawings and renderings are not final! Colors, finishes and other elements may still change.]

HCA is placing an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on one of our properties, under the Town’s ADU ordinance. This 900-square foot, 2-bedroom rental home will be built in a micro factory in Andover and will be installed behind our existing 2-family home on Dorothy Road.

At first, it may seem like developing just one unit of affordable housing is a fraction of a drop in the ocean compared to what’s needed in this housing crisis.

But this home could serve as a model for future development! The company building the home, Reframe Systems, is working to develop a lower cost way to create high quality, highly energy efficient modular homes. Learn more about how Reframe is creating their units in this Feb 2024 Boston Globe article.

This product may help us create housing at a lower cost than traditional construction, while still creating beautiful, sustainable, affordable homes for Arlington families.

The primary source of financing for this unit is from the Arlington Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

The unit was approved for zoning from the Arlington Zoning Board of Appeals in December 2023. The ADU will be placed where there is now a degrading, unused garage. Demolition of the garage is expected to start by March 1st, with the ADU fully installed by late April and the unit occupied by a qualified household by July of 2024.

The tenant for this unit will be selected using a lottery system. The lottery application is expected to become public by late March. If you would like to get on the list to receive an application, please email